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February 2018
Interview with Greg Tidmarsh of Wisconsin Transfer Company, Inc.
Wisconsin Transfer Company, Inc.
  • Mark Harter
  • Greg Tidmarsh

Mark: Hello Greg, thanks for taking some time to talk with me! Would you mind telling our readers about your background and how you became involved in the trucking industry?

Greg: I attended Marquette University Business School, graduating in 1976 with an accounting degree. My intention was to pursue a career in accounting. I started full time working for my Dad at Harvey Service in the summer of 1976 while job searching. Shortly after starting, his secretary and dispatcher decided to retire. It was then decided that I would stay with the firm.

I left Harvey Service in 1985 and started working for Wisconsin Transfer. I purchased the company in 1990.

Mark: Would you mind telling our readers a little about your father, Dave Tidmarsh?

Greg: Dad worked in the retail industry before joining my grandfather when he purchased Harvey Service from Sears in 1951. My grandfather passed away in 1955 and dad became President of the company and remained so until his death in 1987. He was very creative and designed and patented a truck container interchange system in the 1970s.

Wisconsin Transfer Mack Pinnacle tractor-trailer
Wisconsin Transfer Mack Pinnacle tractor-trailer

Mark: We love old trucks here on, and you've told me you still have an old Dodge your Dad bought years ago, which is a unique piece of equipment. Would you mind telling us a little about this truck?

Greg: Dad purchased a 1942 Dodge truck from Milwaukee County in 1980. It reminded him of his grandfather’s first truck. His grandfather started with horse and wagons, purchasing his first truck when my father was a boy. The Dodge was built for the Army Quartermaster Corp in 1942 and was assigned to Mitchell Field in Milwaukee as an emergency vehicle. The truck had just under 11,000 miles even though it was 38 years old at the time.

My dad began the restoration and it was completed in 1987.

Mark: You currently own and operate Wisconsin Transfer, would you tell us about your company and the services you offer?

Greg: Wisconsin Transfer started out delivering appliances and furniture to the homes of retail customers. That portion of our business was discontinued in 1997.

Wisconsin Transfer began doing tractor trailer regional cartage work in 1995 and continues this service today.

Mark: Where does Wisconsin Transfer primarily operate?

Greg: Wisconsin Transfer operates within a 250 mile radius of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mark: What do you feel sets Wisconsin Transfer apart from other carriers?

Greg: We are a family owned business that strives to optimize our customer’s transportation needs. We offer reliable service that includes drop trailers and same day delivery if needed.

We have had long term customers due to the fact that we are committed to serving their transportation needs.

Wisconsin Transfer Mack Pinnacle tractor-trailer
Wisconsin Transfer Mack Pinnacle tractor-trailer

Mark: What kind of equipment does Wisconsin Transfer currently operate?

Greg: We currently operate a fleet of Mack Pinnacle day cab tractors and pull 53 foot air-ride dry van trailers, which are equipped with logistic posts.

Mark: If a shipper or company is interested in working with Wisconsin Transfer, how can they contact you for a quote?

Greg: We can be reached by telephone at (262) 780-6890 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Mark: What do you look for when hiring truck drivers? If a driver is interested in working for Wisconsin Transfer, how can they apply?

Greg: They can call me or send an email to the aforementioned address. We offer competitive pay, benefits and our drivers are home daily.

  • Special thanks to Greg for taking time to speak with us. If you are a customer or truck driver located in the Southeast Wisconsin area, and looking for a great company to work for or serve your transportation needs, we suggest giving Wisconsin Transfer a call today!

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