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August 2019
Brandon Flynn's 1969 Brockway N358T
Brandon Flynn's 1969 Brockway N358T
  • Duncan Putman
  • Brandon Flynn

Brandon Flynn, from Johnson City, NY, lives in Brockway truck country, and, not surprisingly, is a huge fan of these trucks. Growing up, his father was a truck driver and as far back as Brandon can remember, he told us he has always loved trucks. Flynn remembers his father’s stories of driving old Whites and Macks for Crowley’s Foods and the Brockways his dad drove for a construction company when he was younger.

When Brandon was about 9 or 10 years old, his father bought a Brockway 361, telling us “I was in love” and not long after, at the age of 13,Brandon got his first Brockway, a 1969 N359T dump truck, which came from Bob Story (also known as Country Bob, a Central NY music celebrity and construction firm owner). Since then Brandon has had about 30 Brockways pass through his hands and states that he will continue to keep acquiring them.

Brandon Flynn's 1969 Brockway N358T
Brandon Flynn's 1969 Brockway N358T

Originally built as a single axle tractor, Flynn's N358T was stretched at some point in its life and a 22-foot rollback body was installed. Powered by a Cummins NH230, the Brockway originally had a 5 speed with a 2 speed rear end, which Brandon swapped out for a Fuller RTO9513 13 speed transmission not long after he purchased the truck. The interior is the basic factory spec with the addition of an air ride driver’s seat and custom-made door panel upholstery.

While Flynn doesn't work his 358 for a living, he enjoys taking it to truck shows and for personal jobs as well as helping out friends from time to time, usually operating the truck around the Southern Tier of New York.

Brandon Flynn's 1969 Brockway N358T, 1960 Brockway 257 and 1974 361

Purchased while at a farm auction in Greene, New York, Brandon tells us that the 358 was in pretty bad shape when he got it, coincidentally, he purchased the truck on his birthday. Flynn states: “I set a very lofty goal for myself after I got it,” as he worked “feverishly” to get the truck ready for the 2016 edition of the annual Brockway Truck show in Cortland, New York. Working almost up to the last minute, friends helped Brandon bolt the bumper on in a rain storm, at about 10:00PM on the Friday night before the following day’s parade and presentation of Huskies in Cortland.

Brandon Flynn's 1969 Brockway N358T
Brandon Flynn's 1969 Brockway N358T

Brandon is 33 and works as a railroad equipment safety inspector for the New York State Department of Transportation. He’s never been married and enjoys antique cars and trucks, trains, animals, music, guitars and concerts. At home he has a dog and three cats.

It’s great to see someone appreciating a truck model that was manufactured in his home area. Considering the amount of Brockways that were operated in Central New York, Brandon should continue to have no problem locating these trucks for restoration or parts in the future.

  • Special thanks to Brandon Flynn for sharing his Brockway with our readers!
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