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Ethan Young's 2010 Kenworth T660
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  • Ethan Young was one of those in attendence at the PKY beauty championship in Louisville, Kentucky for the 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show. Ethan, (26) started driving truck at 12 years old, but didnt drive on the highway until the age of 15. When he turned 18, Ethan got a job at a diesel repair shop in Mankato, Minnesota. he ended up getting his CDL at the same time and worked at that shop until he was 21. Then left in the spring of 2011 and started working at Lyle. There, he was a part time mechanic, and part time company driver until he bought his first truck in 2012. He later sold it in the fall of 2013. He then bought his current truck, which is what you see here. he spent the whole winter building this truck, from the new engine to the transmission, rear ends, brakes, wheel seals, rims, tires, paint and so forth. this of course wasnt all done on weekends, alot was also when he has spare time. He currently works for Young Truck Lines and resides in Lyle, Minnesota.

    The truck is a 2010 Kenworth T660 and powered by a C12 Cat, 13 speed eaton transmission and backed by 3:23 rears and riding on a 230" wheelbase. The trailer is a 2014 Mac Curtanside with a lot of one off custom work done to it as well.

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