DuncanPutman.com Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is DuncanPutman.com?

A: DuncanPutman.com is the official website of Trucking Industry Photographer Duncan Putman and Contributing Photographer and Industry Veteran Mark Harter. To learn more about our website and who we are, please visit the About Us section.

Q: How do I get my truck featured on your website?

A: Send us an email and tell us about your truck and we will be happy to do an interview feature with you! It's simple as that.

Q: I am a trucking photographer, can I get my photography included and featured on your website?

A: Yes. We would be happy to feature your photography on certain parts of our website. Just send us an email and we can discuss it. You are welcome to submit your photos for our Photo of the Week feature. We love trucks and enjoy meeting other truck fans and fellow photographers.

Q: Can I submit photos to the Photo of the Week feature that I didn't take?

A: Yes, but as long as you have permission to use the photography, it is of a truck you own or drive, and know who the photographer is so we may credit them with the photo.

Q: Can I hire Duncan Putman to photograph my truck or trucks?

A: Yes, if you are interested in our photography services, please send us an email with more detail.

Q: I like your photos, can I use them on my website or post them to my Facebook page?

A: No, absolutely not. all of our photography is copyrighted and owned by Duncan Putman Photography unless otherwise noted. Our photography is exclusive to our website and may not be reused or republished in any form, digitally or physically, without our express written consent.

Q: What happens if I use one of your photos without permission?

A: We'll politely ask you to remove it. And if not, you will probably receive a letter from our lawyer.

Q: Are your photos for sale? How do I get a print? Can I buy one if I like a photo?

A: Yes, please contact us if you'd like to purchase one of our photographs for personal use only.

Q: Do you license your photography for commercial use?

A: Yes, but you will need to contact us to discuss the details of what you would like to use our photography for.

Q: Why do you charge to view the galleries on your website?

A: We have a great deal of time, effort and financial investment in our website and our photography. Our member area helps protect our photography from being pirated and used without permission and helps us afford to operate and maintain our website while continueing to photograph trucks for your viewing enjoyment.

Q: I am having problems with my membership account or need help cancelling. Who do I talk to?

A: Please contact our billing partner CCBill by clicking here.

Q: Can I share my username and password with my friends?

A: No, absolutely not. There is only one user per account allowed.

Q: What happens if I share my username and password?

A: Your account will be deleted without explaination and you forfeit any remaining membership plan time. You will also be banned from using and joining our website in the future.

Q: Do you have a mobile App for your website?

A: No, our website is intended to be viewed on a laptop or desktop computer with a monitor resolution of 1080x720 or higher.

Q: What browser is best to view your website with?

A: our website is designed for and best viewed using Mozilla Firefox.

Q: I don't have Mozilla Firefox installed on my computer. How can I get it?

A: Please visit the official Mozilla Website by clicking here to download the latest version of Firefox.

Q: How come your website is not mobile friendly?

A: Because we're a photography website and our photos are not meant to be viewed on the screen of a smart phone, no matter how great your phone is, we want our photography to be viewed as it was intended, in a large format.

Q: I couldn't find the answer I was looking for? What do I do?

A: Please use the contact us form to send us an email and we'd be happy to answer your question.

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