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January 2019
Interview with Anthony Book of Long Haul Trucking
Long Haul Trucking Peterbilt 579 with Conestoga Flatbed Trailer
  • Mark Harter
  • Long Haul Trucking

Mark: Hello Anthony. Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to talk with us about Long Haul Trucking. How did you get involved in the trucking industry?

Anthony: I started working with a family friend at a small trucking company in Afton, MN. The company specialized in LTL shipments with an onsite warehouse for consolidation. I’ve been in the industry for several years now and can tell you from experience that Long Haul is second to none. Largely, what makes Long Haul most special in my eyes is the way they treat their employees and drivers. Company culture is one of our largest areas of focus and we take pride every day in making sure every member of our team feels inspired to work here, and is given a chance to maximize their full potential.


Mark: Can you give our readers some background on Long Haul? How did the company get started?

Anthony: Long Haul was started by its founder, John Daniels (JD), over 32 years ago. Long Haul began with three working trucks, including that of our founders, JD who was driving at the time himself.

Today, we operate over 350 assets, and as of 2013 our company was sold from JD to the employees converting us into an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) This means that every Long-Haul employee is part owner, and gains stocks based on the amount of time they spend at the company and their earnings.

We see our employees take the “ownership” mentality to heart, which promotes accountability, productivity and a desire to grow across the board.

Long Haul Trucking Peterbilt 579 with Conestoga Flatbed Trailer
Long Haul Trucking Peterbilt 579 with Conestoga Flatbed Trailer

Mark: Where is Long Haul headquartered? What kind of services does Long Haul offer?

Anthony: Long Haul is based out of Albertville, MN just outside of the Twin Cities. We operate a specialized fleet of 360 flatbed Conestoga’s, with a handful of step deck Conestoga’s as well.

Aside from being the largest, specialized fleet of Conestoga’s in the nation, Long Haul also offers a brokerage division, warehousing and is currently in the process of introducing its own TMS for current and future customers to use.

Mark: How many units does Long Haul operate? What kind of trucks do you operate and trailers do you pull?

Anthony: Long Haul currently operates about 360 trucks. We have both owner operators and company drivers. Each of our drivers pulls a flatbed Conestoga or step deck Conestoga, aside from 1 individual that still prefers his covered wagon. Our owner operators utilize all different types of tractors while all company drivers run with a Peterbilt 579.

Long Haul Trucking Peterbilt 579 with Conestoga Flatbed Trailer

Mark: What do you feel sets Long Haul Trucking apart from other carriers in the trucking industry? Why Should customers choose Long Haul?

Anthony: We believe Long Haul is elite for a variety of reasons, but it all starts with the drivers. Our fleet is composed of what we believe to be some of the best drivers in the industry.

Our hiring process is quite extensive, due to the nature of the commodity we haul, and we need to ensure that any driver working for our team is safe, reliable and professional on every single haul.

Our customers choose us because they know we take pride in our work. That image is clear from the first time they speak to one of our dispatchers on the phone, to the moment when one of our beautiful trucks pulls into their lot and out steps a professional, courteous driver, ready to shake their hand and go to work!

Long Haul drivers and employees are committed to maintaining the elite reputation that we’ve built over the years by always acting professionally, doing things the right way, and maintaining a strong attention to detail to ensure all of our customers needs are met. In short, we sweat the small stuff, and that makes us different from many other carriers.

Mark: If a driver or owner-operater is interested in working for Long Haul Trucking, how can they apply? What do you look for in a driver?

Anthony: Future drivers can apply by completing an application form found on our website at: www.LongHaulTrucking.com, or we encourage anyone interested in driving for us to call our recruiting department directly at: (763) 497-5669.

We do require a minimum of two years’ experience with a clean driving record. Aside from that, we take pride in hiring well spoken, clean cut individuals that are committed to excellence to come join our fleet. If you’re interested in working for a company that gives you the opportunity to create wealth while maximizing your full potential, Long Haul might be the place for you!

Long Haul Trucking Peterbilt 579 with Conestoga Flatbed Trailer
Long Haul Trucking Peterbilt 579 with Conestoga Flatbed Trailer

Mark: Long Haul Trucking has some pretty impressive trucks in their fleet! Lots of Largecars. Do you guys operate any "show trucks?"

Anthony: We believe that taking pride in equipment and appearance is important, especially when pulling up to a customer that’s going to put their valuable freight on the deck of our trailer. We also believe that by having some of the best trucks and trailers in the market that it breathes a life of inspiration and professionalism into our drivers. We want all of our teammates to be proud to run with Long Haul Trucking on the side of their door and remain committed to doing everything from offering the best equipment, treatment and pay to do so.

We unveil two company show trucks every year and have them prominently displayed at the Mid-American Truck Show in Louisville, KY.

Mark: What do you feel are the greatest challenges right now for the Trucking Industry?

Anthony: Right now, it’s no secret that the trucking population in America is at an all time low, for its demand. However, at Long Haul Trucking we continue to experience growth, without much turnover. We believe in treating our people the right way, and that goes far in terms of maintaining a strong working percentage and making sure all of our teammates feel rewarded for the job that they do.

At this time, just about every trucking company out there seems to be running marketing campaigns that are financially driven, but we find more value in letting people know that as a member of our team not only will you have an opportunity to make good money, but you’ll be treated with respect, empowerment and appreciation. Trucking is becoming a profession where a person can make good money, but the life of a trucker isn’t easy.

Our values, and culture driven mentality, help ensure that Long Haul drivers needs are not only met with their paychecks, but that we’re doing everything possible to ensure they are able to maintain healthy relationships with their family and friends as well.

America's Premier Flatbed Carrier, Long Haul Trucking
  • Special thanks to Anthony for taking time to speak with us. If you are a customer or truck driver and looking for a great company to work for or serve your transportation needs, we suggest contacting Long Haul Trucking today!

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