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August 2019
Rich Zigmont's 1975 Brockway K761TL
Rich Zigmont's 1975 Brockway K761TL
  • Mark Harter
  • Rich Zigmont

For many older truckers who grew up in the Northeast, especially upstate New York, one proud marque was a common sight on the local roads and highways in those regions. While plenty of Bulldogs roamed those areas, Huskies were the pride of many drivers and fleets operating on those roads for many years.

While it's been 42 years since Brockway was closed down by its parent company, Mack Trucks, in 1977, there're still many proud owners who won't let these dogs die!

For Rich Zigmont of Castle Creek, New York, who grew up around trucks and heavy equipment, he has had a love affair with Brockway Trucks ever since he was a kid. His family has operated an excavation business for many years, so, as Rich told us, it was only natural for him to like these trucks since he grew up around them, plus as a kid, he liked the fact they were built just down the road in Cortland, not far from where he lived.

Rich Zigmont's 1965 Brockway K761TL
Rich Zigmont's 1965 Brockway K761TL

While Rich has a large collection of vintage Brockway Trucks ranging from the 1920s through the 1970s; his collection includes everything from Brockways with wood spoked wheels to more modern Brockway cabover and conventional models. But the pride of Rich's collection is currently his 1975 Brockway model K761TL.

Acquired in 2000, Rich bought the 761 from a company who had been operating it in the Finger Lakes area of New York. From what Rich knows, the truck had pretty much spent its entire life working in that region of the state for the 2 owners prior to him purchasing it.

Rich spent approximately two years restoring the 761. Because his truck is probably one of the nicest examples of its kind in existence, Rich was recognized for his restoration by the Brockway Trucks Preservation Association, with his truck being placed in the Brockway Trucks Museum located in Homer, New York where it spent a year on display for visitors to view.

Rich Zigmont's 1965 Brockway K761TL

Powered by a 318 HP 8V71 Detroit Diesel engine mated to an Eaton-Fuller RTOO9513 Roadranger transmission, power is pushed to 4:44 Rockwell SQHD rear-ends. The truck rides on a unique Hendrickson walking-beam Raydan air-ride suspension with 22.5 rubber all the way around sporting Budd aluminum wheels on the steer axle and Dayton steel rims on the drive axles.

Unlike many show trucks and antique rigs that have been restored, only a few shiny accessories adorn Rich's classic 761. These include: a factory chrome bumper, chrome grill, exhaust and stainless steel fenders. The 761 has been pretty much restored to its original specification when it rolled off the Brockway assembly line in 1975.

As the 700 Series was the last Brockway conventional model to be produced, the truck utilizes the popular Sheller-Globe cab, which was used by Mack on many of its own conventional truck models as well, but with subtle differences. Rich explained that while the cabs are very similar, minor differences include the roof vent location (which is placed further back on the Brockway) along with the cowling/firewall configuration, which is also different to accommodate the Brockway hood versus the traditional Mack R-Model hood at the time.

Rich Zigmont's 1965 Brockway K761TL
Rich Zigmont's 1965 Brockway K761TL

While Rich's 761 has been retired from full time working for a living, he does like to occasionally put it to work though, hooking it to a lowboy trailer and pulling a load for his business or hauling other antique trucks.

Rich is a member of the Brockway Trucks Preservation Association and his K761TL will be on display this August 8-11 in Cortland, New York, for the 20th annual Brockway National Truck Show along with other Brockway Trucks from around the country as Brockway enthusiasts and owners, as well as the town, celebrate the trucks and the company that made Cortland famous, earning its nickname as Huskietown USA!

  • Special thanks to Rich Zigmont for sharing his beautiful Brockway with our readers!
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